How I Saved $75 on my $228 Baby Care order @ Target!…

I just saved $75 on my $228 purchase of Baby food, diapers & wipes @ Target!!!

1. I saw Target has a deal on baby items, spend $75 get a $15 gift card

2. I went to Gift Card Spread & bought a $252 eGift Card for $237, used #PromoCode GET100 to get an extra $4 off $100 purchase, total paid $233 ($19+ off) #Ad (gift card link)

3. Got my eGift Card emailed to me in less than 30 minutes

4. Purchase 1… 2 boxes of Up & Up diapers (trying them again) 2 Big boxes of Pampers sensitive wipes, 1 box of Kandoo Flushable wipes to try = $77.15 earned 1 $15 gift card. Purchase 2… $75.60 worth of Organic baby food, earned 1 $15 gift card plus since 15 of those were Happy Baby brand we got an extra $5 gift card Purchase 3… same scenario as purchase 2, spent $75.54 earned 1 $15 Card plus 1 $5 Card, (I do separate orders to get around purchase limits)

5. I still have $24 left to spend on the original gift card

6. So that is how I save 30%+ regularly on baby care items, this sale ends 9/8 & I will definitely keep sharing these sales! #HappyShopping #save #sale #deal #discount #coupon #SaveBig #Baby #Toddler #boy #Girl #newborn #BabyCare #sahm #sahd #Diapers #Wipes #BabyFood #organic #healthy #HealthyBaby #nutrition #parent

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