First Things first, Thank u for checking out our website! Super awesome! 💗

Some of you are probably wondering how in the world to use my affiliate links.

*Any post you click on should have a line that says ‘click here 2 save’ (see photo below)

Just click on that & it will take you to the store page for that deal.

I make a point to put that link on every post now, but some of my older posts have different links, thank you for your patience while I get rid of the confusing ones.

*Some posts/deals have a promo code, all you do with those is copy the code, click on the ‘click here 2 save’ link then paste the promo code during checkout to apply the savings.

*maybe you are wondering what in the world is an affiliate link & why do I hope you use mine.

Well an affiliate link has a special number attached to it to let the stores know who referred the customer, anyone that uses one of our links before making a purchase is helping my family big time because when you do that we will receive commission for your purchase at no extra cost to you. & as a bonus motivator the more commission we make the more we are able to give away! So a huge THANK YOU to everyone that uses our links we really do appreciate it, you are helping us live out our dream of having a coupon/giveaway site & helping many others. Thank you so much! Lots of love to you all! 💗🌻